Moron Reviews Presents The First Annual Fooly Awards

Though never given proper credit or acknowledgement, Ulysses J. Foolie has been cited as the man who created comedy. Ulysses was taking a trip to Egypt in search of cheap prices on ice to import back to his native state of Alaska when he slipped on a banana peel in an ancient Egyptian pyramid and thus comedy was born.

When Foolie returned home to his beloved, Fanny Ether Foolie, he told her of his travels. We here at Moron Reviews appreciate everything Mr. Foolie did for the world of comedy and we are honoring him by presenting all awards in his name.

Mr. Foolie also believed that anyone should be able to give their opinion on topics they know nothing about and should be allowed to publish those exact thoughts and rankings as fact. He was an advocate for people that should be able to voice their opinion with out any accreditation or vettification, to the public as it is fact rather than opinion.

Mr Foolie sadly met his demise in 1890 while visiting a piano repair shop to pick up his newly restrung Steinway. Mr. Foolie was waiting in line for his piano when an inexperienced high school employee dropped a baby grand on Mr Foolie from two stories above. The paramedics tried to revive Mr. Foolie, but ironically, his teeth fell out in the style of piano keys. Many Looney Tunes characters would go on to later suffer the same fate. Particularly, Mr Wil E. Coyote.

“Alat su due, es veritas per se dium anoct espus” Mr. Foolie.

“He who keeps his head down in search of banana peels, never looks up to see the piano above him.”

Moron Reviews would like to issues the following awards in acknowledgement to those who have made significant contributions to the worlds of arts and sciences. The first ever Foolie Award ceremony took place January 13, 2018 on Los Angelos, CA.


Album of the Year:


Film of The Year:


Comdiment of The Year:


Beer of The Year:




Enjoy your Foolies and we’ll see the rest of you next year.