Man with Dangerously Low IQ Looking Forward to John Wick 3

“John Wick is gonna beat some ass,” declares 32 year old,  Scott Baslo. We catch up with Scott outside a gym where he is meeting with what he adamantly refers to as his ‘CrossFit Family.’ “They just don’t make good movies anymore,” confesses Scott as writes down his gains in his workout journal. “John Wick 3 has a plot, the storyline is so strong. Keanu Reeves only picks good movies so he knows a good script when he sees one.”

John Wick 2 inspired me to get my conceal & carry about 3 years ago,” confesses Scott as he pulls out a gun. “There’s a lot of fucking idiots out there and you gotta make sure you keep those around you safe by going out and buying a gun as soon as possible. That scene where John Wick he fucks up his ‘stang. I won’t lie, I’d fuck somebody up too if they wrecked my Shelby Mustang. That thing was boss!”

Scott reflects on the similarities he shares with John Wick and how he can relate to the troubled anti-hero. “One time, my boy, Boggs backed into my beamer and cracked one of my blackouts, I was about to beat some ass.”

Baslo took his admiration of the fictional action-hero and had Wick’s likeliness permanently tattooed on his upper arm. “My boy, Boggs, is a true artist. He has his own tattoo parlor and I had him ink me up and it looks pretty bad ass. I wish I was talented and artistic like him.”

John Wick self portrait by "Boggs"
John Wick portrait by “Boggs”. Autumn 2018.

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