Jabba The Hut to Replace Roseanne in ABC Sitcom

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The Autumn season is upon us and with the falling leaves and descending temperature comes new episodes from our favorite fall lineups. Much speculation has surrounded the recently resurrected sitcom, Roseanne, after the show hit some turbulence last summer.  Roseanne Barr came under fire for her rants on Twitter, which resulted in ABC execs deciding to pull the actress from her namesake’s sitcom. Roseanne actually scored impressive ratings upon its return to living rooms across America last fall, but the negative press proved too much.  With the show almost dead in the water, execs had one last trick up their sleeves to save the show: With recent talks of Disney acquiring ABC’s parent company, Viacom, it looks like Disney will try to inject some of the Star Wars fever into the sitcom.

Star Wars is hotter than ever,” stated Director of Star Wars Exploitation, Steve Howsk. “3 sequels and a Hans spin off in 4 years and the box office is busting, We’re just getting started.” While Star Wars is definitely hot, some viewers aren’t giving Jabba such a warm welcome.

“Why are they replacing her with Jabba? Are they making fun of her physical appearance? That is body shaming,” stated 32 year old California high school graduate, Ted Peters. While some think Disney execs might be making fun of Barr’s appearance, their spokesperson states otherwise. “Initially, we were going to have Jar-Jar Binks replace Roseanne,” stated Ed Murray, “And while Star Wars is hot, everyone still hates Jar-Jar Binks.”

And while Jabba has signed on for 3 seasons, there are rumors of more Star Wars’ icons making guest cameos.

“There is speculation that once Laurie Metcalf’s contract expires, Yoda is going to be cast as Jackie“, stated Casting Director, Anna Mueller. An episode has already been written with George Clooney reprising his role as Booker, rekindling his love for Jackie by reconnecting though a dating app. Staff writers have also been in talks to have Matt Roth reprise his role as Fisher for a flashback episode of when he domestically abused Jackie’s character, this time being played by Yoda.

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