Pokemon Go adds super realistic “Getting Robbed” feature to popular game


9 users have been approached by armed robbers.
9 users have been approached by armed robbers.

Pokemon Go was first thought of as a free game meaning it cost no money for you to download, but as many users are finding out first Pokemon Go really costs you how much money you are currently holding in your wallet.

I’ve kind of always treated real life like a video game anyways whenever it came to important decisions or life changing oppurtunites. It’s probably not a good idea to run around your office with your phone out telling your employer you are “trying to catch invisible dinosaurs” if you expect them to believe you are drug free.

But Pokemon Go hasnt had all negative effects as many have reported this is the first video game to get fat americans off thier ass and outside. REcent advances in modern day video games have really pushed the boundaries of being realistic. With such hot products as the oculus headset people are escaping thier everyday shitty lives for a reality that although is fake, is much better than their actual lives.

Connor Helsinki of Chicago, Il recently sat down for an interview with moronreviews about his brush with armed robbery. “I was following my phone down a dimmly lit alley, trynig to capture Charmander” Helsinki explains, “Then before i know it – I had a gun in my face!” Helbinski goes on to explain that he was merely 70 points to the next level to become ______. “At first I thought ‘Wow, this game is so vivid, I feel like I am actually being robbed!” The excitement though, wore of for Helbinski when the gunman said “You are being robbed, dipshit. Now give me your wallet”

Editors Note: Connor’s name has been changed to protect his identity; his real name is Connor “Helsinski” not Connor “Helbinski”.

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