Justin Timberlake to Perform with Hologram of His Own Career at Next Super Bowl

Timberlake plans to play with himself next Super Bowl.
Timberlake plans to play with himself at next Super Bowl.

(Minneapolis, MN) – Justin Timberlake has something in common with the New England Patriots – they both lost on Super Bowl Sunday.  Weeks ago, Timberlake came under fire when rumors surfaced that he was going to play in front of a Prince hologram at the Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show.

Timberlake reiterated that he only had the best of intentions, seeing that the Super Bowl took place in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis. Those close to Prince, felt differently about the idea and immediately shot it down noting that Prince himself would not approve of such a spectacle.

Fans have questioned Timberlake’s judgement as of recently. Some protesting that Timberlake should be banned from tweeting on current events and performing at future Super Bowls. One fan commented, “First it was ‘nipple gate’ at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Then it was his tweet about Jessie Williams. Now a Prince hologram? Justin needs to just leave black people alone!”

Timberlake plans to redeem himself as his Super Bowl plans for next year’s Halftime Show have already been revealed. The man who “brought sexy back”, states that he will perform with a hologram of his career as many are saying it is already dead.

“I’m really excited about this,” stated Justin. “I am really looking forward to the opportunity of playing with myself.”

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