5 Cartoon Characters Claim Pepe Le Pew Sexually Harassed Them…

Mr. LePew is the subject of multiple accusations.

(Warner Brothers Lot) –Things have gotten a little too looney in Looney Tunes land. One of France’s few cultural icons (along with Gerard Depardieu), Pepe Le Pew, has been accused of harassment by five former female co-workers. Mr. Le Pew could not be reached for comment, but his attorney, Lionel Hutz, had this to state on Mr. Le Pew’s behalf, “Back in the 1950s, it was totally acceptable for french skunks to act that way towards female cartoon characters. Mr. Le Pew realizes that the times have changed and he is seeking help in order to make changes as well.”

Mr. LePew is seeking treatment at this time, as stated by his legal representative, Mr. Lionel Hutz.

The first co-star to come forward is Penelope Pussycat who worked with Pepe and played his love interest in many Looney Tunes episodes.  She is represented by Attorney Gloria Allred. Allred has represented many victims in high profile harassment suits such as the current cases against Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly. Rumor has it that Mr. Le Pew became extremely nervous when hearing that Penelope Pussycat had retained Ms. Allred’s services.

Mr. LePew gets forceful while trying to seduce a non-consenting co-star.

“The biggest problem in Pepe’s case is the fact that all of his incidents of sexual misconduct have been captured on film,” stated Defense Attorney, Lionel Hutz. “Not only are the incidents captured on film, but they have been broadcast to family households on a daily basis for the last 60 years. I mean, it’s gonna be pretty hard to persuade a jury when there is video evidence that’s available on VHS, DVD and all streaming services.”

Penelope Pussycat takes the stand.

“The most despicable fact is that young children have been exposed to this. Not just exposed – they grew up watching this and possibly have modeled male behavior after this,” stated golf-pro, Stephen Jenkins. Others have come to Pepe’s aid such Droopy the basset hound, who has co-starred with Pepe for many years. “I’ve… known… Pepe… for many… many… many years. He… is… a… quality… guy.”

Some of his colleagues were not so easy on Mr. LePew. “Daba-daba-daba-I never went around harassing my co-stars and I was the same era as Pepe and yet I was the one labeled a pig,” commented Porky Pig. “And the reason Droopy is sticking up for him is because he was a known drug-abuser on the set, but he’d lose visitation rights with his kids if his ex-wife found out!”

“That’s… absolute… bullshit,” retorted Droopy the basset hound. “Who wears… a bowtie… and no… goddamn… pants? A pervert… that’s who.”

Droopy the basset hound hides the signs of a hangover, wearing sunglasses before showing up late to the set.

Mr. Le Pew did offer a rebuttal towards Mr. Pig stating “Porky is just mad he had little success with his love life due to his stuttering which gave him no confidence with women. He is just mad at the whole world for it,” stated Mr. LePew. Warner Bros has since stopped airing all of episodes of Pepe Le Pew and has severed ties completely with the actor. When reached for comment, CEO of Warner Brothers, Kevin Tsujihara, stated “Pepe is not a real character. He’s a cartoon. He’s not even a human cartoon, but an animal cartoon. This is crazy.”

The CEO of Paramount, Jim Gianopulos, countered Tsujihara’s remarks with “Sexual harassment has no place in the real world or in cartoons. I guess Warner Brothers condones sexual harassment, as long as it’s in the cartoon world that is.”

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